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NJPAA and its members have advocated for policyholders throughout the entire State of New Jersey, through representation on both residential and commercial property claims. This directory features valuable search functions to allow you to enter in your zip code and find qualified NJPAA members in your local area. Browse the list for a public adjuster located in your New Jersey community area or search for a specific adjuster by name or firm name using the name search feature. In addition to our NJPAA Public Adjuster Member Directory, we also have associate members, who are various professionals serving both Public Adjusters and policyholders. These professionals include:

  • Attorneys
  • Appraisers
  • Contents Inventory Specialists
  • Remediation Specialists
  • Clothing Restoration Specialists
  • Building Estimators
  • Contractors

Whether you need to find a public insurance adjuster to help you settle an insurance claim or would like to speak to a NJPAA member about a specific situation, you will find that each of the listed NJPAA members are extremely knowledgeable and professional. We encourage you to utilize our online directory to locate a Public Adjuster in your area, as our membership spans the entire state of New Jersey.

The NJPAA was founded to join together Public Adjusters and Claim Professionals throughout the state, with the common interest and duty of protecting New Jersey homeowners and businesses who have suffered an insured loss. Where Insurance Company and Independent Adjusters represent Insurance Carriers, Public Insurance Adjusters represent the Policyholders.

Because most public adjusters and other claim professionals handle large areas, it is suggested that your search terms at the right of this page be set at a minimum of 20 miles from your zip code.